Headers & Footers
Page headers are applied to the top and bottom margins of each page.

Edit Page Headers & Footers

To edit page headers and footers go to Settings > Click "Edit Header & Footer"

Aligning Content

We recommend using a table to control the layout and alignment of content in your header/footer. This allows you to control the vertical and horizontal alignment of your content.
To divide the header/footer into 3 equal size sections you can add a table with 3 horizontal cells then set the width of each of the cells to 33%. If you would like the table to span the full height of the margin you can set the height of the table to 100%.


You can add variables to headers and footers the same way as the template body.

Page Numbers

To add page numbers, you will first need to add an HTML element to the header or footer then add <span class="pageNumber"></span> for the current page number or <span class="totalPages"></span> for the total number of pages.