When your template contains variables it’s important to test those variables with sample data to see what your documents will look like before you connect your template to a data source.
It is important to have at least one field in your template. If it doesn’t have at least one field then Documint won’t know where to place your data and all of your documents will look exactly the same.
Before we switch to the Test step, let’s take a look at the fields we have in our template. Below we can see we have 9 fields in our template (the 9th field is used as the image URL).
Great! Now we can start testing.
Switch over to the Template Tester by clicking the Test step at the top of the Template Editor.
If this is the first time you are using the Template Tester you will see a blank version of your template in the Preview Pane as we do below.
On the left, we have the Test Data panel. This is where you will enter data to test your template.
As you enter data into the Test Data form the preview will update automatically populated with that data. You can see this in the example below.
If the preview does not look the way you would like it to, head back to the Designer and make the necessary changes. Once you are satisfied with the way the preview looks, the next step is to connect it to your application.
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