Core Concepts
At its core, Documint simply merges data into templates to produce PDF documents. This is useful when you need to create multiple documents that are generally the same in style and design but differ in the data they contain.
Examples include:
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  2. 2.
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    Legal agreements
  4. 4.
    Product spec sheets
  5. 5.
    Bills of lading, materials, etc.



Templates are blueprints for your documents. You can think of a template as a document but with variables instead of the actual data that the document will contain. When you merge your data with a template you've created a document. Learn more about templates.​


Merging is the process of creating a document from a template with the data that Documint received from the data source. Learn more about merging documents.​


Documents are the result of merging data with a template. Currently, PDFs are the only supported file types supported by Documint. Learn more about documents.​


Variables are special placeholders that you add to your templates that instruct Documint where to place your data when creating a document. Learn more about variables.​
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