Adding Variables

Variables give templates their superpowers. They tell Documint where to place your data in your document.

What is a variable?

Variables are placeholders that can change value for each document depending on the data that is given as input. For example, if you are merging multiple documents from a list of accounts in a table, the ‘name’ variable can serve as the placeholder for different account names in each generated document.

In addition to telling Documint where to place your data, there are also functions that you can use to manipulate data in your template.

Variable names should be all lower-case, have no special symbols, and spaces should be replaced with underscores.

  1. Begin by dragging a text element into a column which appears by default when a section is added.

2. Use the ‘New Variable button’ on the right-hand Data pane. In the window that appears, type the variable name and copy the generated variable name.

3. Paste the variable into a text field. Template variables will appear with curly braces {{variable_name}}.You can confirm the created variables by seeing them on the right-hand Data pane, under the Template Variables section.

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