Generating your documents

Now you're ready to start creating documents from your HubSpot data using the Documint app.

It's super simple.

  1. Choose the record you want to create the document from in Contact, Companies or Deals

  2. Click the Create Document button

  1. Choose your template

  1. Check the preview is as expected and click Generate Document

  1. After a moment you will get a message to tell you your new document has been saved to the Notes section

  1. You can close the app to go back to your record. You might want to refresh your page to see the new activity in Notes. The attachment will be saved and it will also show in the Attachments section on the right-hand side

You can now access this file to view, download it or any other step you need to do as part of your process.

Congrats you're all set🎊

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