Automation Script

This feature allows you to create documents within Airtable, automatically, using Airtable automations.
Create documents automatically using Airtable Automations.


Step 1

Copy the URL of the table from which you'll be creating documents

Step 2

Navigate to your Documint template and open "Integrations"

Step 3

Select "Airtable"

Step 4

Paste the table URL in the Table URL field and add the Attachment field name.

Step 5

Copy the script

Step 6

Switch back to Airtable and open the Automations panel

Step 7

Create a new automation

Step 8

Add your trigger. This can be any trigger that you'd like.

Step 9

Configure your trigger.

Step 10

Add an action

Step 11

Paste your script

Step 12

Add an input variable named record_id and set the value to the Record ID

Step 13

Test your script and click Finish editing