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Automation Script

This feature allows you to create documents within Airtable, automatically, using Airtable automations.
Create documents automatically using Airtable Automations.


Add your Airtable PAT key to Documint

First, add your Airtable PAT key to connect your Documint account to Airtable. Follow this short video to get that set up.

Step 1

Copy the URL of the table from which you'll be creating documents

Step 2

Navigate to your Documint template and open "Integrations"

Step 3

Select "Airtable"

Step 4

Paste the table URL in the Table URL field and add the Attachment field name.

Step 5

Copy the script

Step 6

Switch back to Airtable and open the Automations panel

Step 7

Create a new automation

Step 8

Add your trigger. This can be any trigger that you'd like.

Step 9

Configure your trigger.

Step 10

Add an action

Step 11

Paste your script

Step 12

Add an input variable named record_id and set the value to the Record ID

Step 13

Test your script and click Finish editing