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Airtable Extension


The Airtable Extension integration is an Airtable Block that is installed from the Airtable Marketplace. Once installed and set up it allows you to simply select a record then generate either a preview of the document or a live version of the document (without a branded footer).

Airtable Setup

Step 1: Install the Extension

Open the Apps panel
In the Apps panel, click "Add an app"
Confirm by clicking "Add app"

Step 2: Create API Key

In a new tab, log into your Documint account and create an API Key

Step 3: Add API Key to app settings

Step 4: Select Template

Once you've successfully connected to Documint you should see a list of your templates. Select the template that you would like to use for the active table. If you don't already have a template that you want to use with the active table then create a new template in Documint, return to Airtable and select the newly created template.

Documint Setup

Once you've set up the app within Airtable you can start adding variables to your template.