Adding variable tokens to your template

The Documint app can access any data in the following sections:

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Deals

Viewing Tokens

To search and view the tokens available just click the Editor Mode toggle on and the View Tokens button will show.

You can search and view all the available tokens

Copying tokens

To copy your token ready to add to your Documint template, just highlight the text and press Ctrl+C

Token types

There are three different types of tokens

  • Top level tokens - These are properties that are available directly in the object you are viewing i.e Deals

  • Association Tokens - All items - You can display values from each associated object by looping over them. This is useful when there are multiple associated objects and you want to display data from all of them. An example of this would be Line Items on the Deals Object.

In your Documint template, select the parent element that will be repeated for each item in the list then click "Edit logic"

Paste the associated token name into the "List variable" field.

In the HubSpot App, copy one of the associated object's properties.

Paste it inside the repeating element in your template.

  • Association Tokens - Single items - You can display a specific item in a list of associated items. This is useful if there will only ever be a single associated item. For example companies associated with deals.

To display values from a single item use the following syntax in your template:

Select "First item" then copy an associated object property token.

Paste the token into the template

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