Documents from Multiple Records

By default, Documint generates data based on an individual record or row. But what if you need several records to display on your template? Here are the steps to achieve this result.

  1. Head over to Airtable and create a table that will group all your record items together. In this example, we will want to display all the names in the Line Items table along with each record's information like price, amount, etc.

2. Once you have a table ready to group these line items, create a linked record field. In this example, we decided to group all the line items in the Order table.

Order Table is where Documents will be generated.

3. Begin adding all the records you need to be displayed in the document.

See the $filter function to filter items needed to be displayed.

Remember to add the Table ID since it is a Linked Record.

4. Add the Generation Link or Automation script to the new table created.

Documint Template Designer Page

5. Create a Section with the number of elements you will need to create the line items. Select the section and "Edit Logic".

Adding a row to a section and then adding more columns will aligns variables better.

6. In the Logic editor, select Repeat/Loop and add the name of the linked field created in the earlier steps. In our example, we will loop over Line Items

7. Add the variable you would like to display and edit the template style as desired.

8. In Airtable, generate a document to see all your records!

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