Generation Link

The generation link integration available to every user type.

The Generation Link integration uses a special URL to generate your document. This URL is created dynamically by a formula in either a Formula field or Button field. When the link or button is clicked, Documint creates a document using the template id and record id provided in the URL.

Add your Airtable PAT key to Documint

First, add your Airtable PAT key to connect your Documint account to Airtable. Follow this short video to get that set up.

Now that our Airtable account is linked, we need to tell Documint which Table in Airtable to extract data from.

Head over to your base in Airtable, and then to the desired table. Here, we are working with the Orders table. Copy the URL of the table page (copying the entire URL is fine, Documint will parse only the relevant parts).

In Documint, navigate to Integrations > Airtable > Generation Link, and paste the table URL you just copied.

Fill in the attachment field name. This is the field in Airtable where the auto-generated document will be located. If you don’t already have a field for this, create it in Airtable by adding a new field called ‘Documents’ with the field type ‘attachments.’

Then, fill in the attachment field name in Documint’s integration window as ‘Documents’. Copy the entire formula at the bottom of the window, this will be used in the next step.

Additional Options

Overwrite Attachments

When set, this will overwrite all existing attachments in the specified attachment field with the latest document.

Expand Linked Records

Linked Record fields in Airtable are sent from Airtable as record ids instead of the actual data of the linked records. If you want to use the data from linked records then you'll need to tell Documint to expand those records. By default, Documint will only expand linked records (with Table_Id fields) on the record that the document is generated from. If you want to expand linked records of linked records (and so on) then you'll have to set this value to the number of relationships that you want to expand.

Documint will only expand records of Linked Record fields that have an associated Table_Id field. Learn more.


Mode allows you to control how documents are created.

There are 3 options:

  1. Default (Recommended) - uses the Active status of the template

  2. Preview - renders documents as inactive (meaning they won't count towards your quota) and they won't be saved back to Airtable. This is great when testing documents and acts as an alternative to using the Previewer in the Template Designer. Learn more.

  3. Active - renders documents as Active (meaning they will count towards your quota) whether your template status is Active or Inactive.

Watch / ignore data changes

Set which fields to either watch for changes or ignore changes to when preventing duplicate document creation

Create Button Field

Then, in Airtable, create another button field with an ‘Open URL’ action to open this formula. Paste the formula copied in the previous step into the URL formula field and click "Create field".

That’s it! Now, whenever a user clicks the button you’ve added a document will be generated for that record. If a document already exists with the data from that record and the template has not been changed, then the existing document will be displayed. This prevents generating the same document multiple times.

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