Data and Variables

Variables give templates their superpowers. They tell Documint where to place your data in your document.

What is a variable?

Variables are what Documint uses to make templates dynamic. They are used to tell Documint where in your template to place your data, when to repeat/loop page elements over lists in your data, and to conditionally show or hide page elements based on the values in your data.

In addition to telling Documint where to place your data, there are also functions that you can use to manipulate data in your template. Here are some of the things you can do using functions:

  • format numbers, percentages, currencies, dates, and durations

  • filter a list of data

  • join data from a list

  • create custom variable

  • group data together

  • properly display markdown text

  • etc.

Add a variable

To add a variable to your template click the ‘New Variable button’ on the right-hand Data pane, enter the name of your variable in the input field, copy the generated variable name then paste the variable into a text field.

Don't include spaces or any special characters in your variable names

Test Variable

When your template contains variables it’s important to test those variables with sample data to see what your documents will look like before you connect your template to a data source. Enter test values to the variable fields and click 'Save & refresh'

If this is the first time you are using 'Preview' you will see a blank version of your template in the Preview Pane as we do below.

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