Duplicate Document Prevention

By default, Documint will first check if a document has already been created using the same template and data before creating a new one. If a document has already been created, Documint will return the existing document. If not, it will create a new document. This prevents the same document from being generated more than once and counting against your quota multiple times.

There may be cases where you want/need more fine-tuned control over this functionality. In those cases, you can tell Documint specifically which fields in your data to watch for changes. This is accomplished using the watch_fields or ignore_fields query parameters in the Generation Link URL.


To use this feature, you will need to add either watch_fields or ignore_fields as a query parameter to your Generation Link. If both parameters are passed, only the watch_fields parameter will be evaluated. Add a comma-separated list of field names, in snake-case, as the value for the parameter.

Field names must be converted to snake-case when used in this query parameter.

Every time a document is created, Documint creates a hash of the data that is being merged and the template. This allows Documint to detect changes in either without ever storing your data.

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