Field Types to Documint Variables

Fields Types

Field names in Airtable are converted to snake-case in Documint. This means your variables need to be the snake-case version of the field name. For example, if a field in Airtable is named Order Total, its variable name in Documint needs to beorder_total . Notice the space is replaced with an underscore and everything is converted to lowercase.

Airtable fields names must be converted to snake-case when being used in your template. The basic rules of snake-case are:

  1. spaces are converted to underscores

  2. double underscores are converted to single underscores

  3. underscores at the beginning or end of the string are removed

  4. some special characters are replaced with underscores

  5. all upper-case characters are converted to lower-case

The easiest way to convert your field names to snake-case is by pasting the field name into the New Variable tool in the template designer.

Mapping Data from Airtable App

Once you have setup the Airtable App and chosen the template you will be using, the table's fields will be available to copy and paste into your template.

  1. Click on the field names to copy the field's token to your clipboard.

  2. Paste it into your Documint template.

  3. Generate a document (make sure the correct template is selected).

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