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There are three types of Airtable integrations.
All integrations allow you to create documents from your Airtable data and attach them back to Airtable. The Generation Link integration and the Automation Script are identical in their features however the Native App does have some slight differences (see comparison below).

Integration Comparison

Native App
Generation Link + Automation Script
Available with all Documint Plans
Available with all Airtable plans
Attach documents back to Airtable
Include data from Linked Records
Document Preview
Works outside of Airtable (eg. Stacker)
Shareable Document Link
Whitelabel Document Viewer
Document Password Protection
Duplicate Document Prevention
Setup time/difficulty
The Native App integration works by using an Airtable app that you can install in your base. You can find the app in the Airtable Marketplace. The app provides you with an interface within Airtable for generating documents from your records. Learn more
The Generation Link integration uses a special URL to generate your document. This URL is created dynamically by a formula in either a Formula field or Button field. When the link or button is clicked, Documint creates a document using the template id and record id provided in the URL.