Uninstalling the Documint app

Simply uninstall the Documint app in two steps:

Step 1: Disconnect HubSpot from Documint

Disconnecting HubSpot from Documint is done by removing the API key which was created to communicate with HubSpot.

This is done through Settings > Integrations > API Keys > Delete

Step 2: Uninstall Documint app from your HubSpot portal

To disconnect Documint from HubSpot, from HubSpot settings:

Integrations > Connected Apps > Documint

Choose “Actions”

You have now removed Documint <> HubSpot connection and removed Documint from your HubSpot portal.

Impact of disconnecting and uninstalling

Once disconnecting HubSpot from Documint (by removing the API keys in Documint), the datafow between the two platforms is terminated.

Uninstalling the Documint app from HubSpot removes the application, its settings and the connection to Documint. The documents you have created with Documint (and saved as PDFs, possibly shared with clients, among other use cases) inside HubSpot remain. Deleting the Documint app does not delete the documents you have previously created.

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